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Science-Based Treatment in a Community Setting

Science-Based Treatment in a Community Setting

Science-Based Treatment in a Community SettingScience-Based Treatment in a Community Setting

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Our Team

Our Treatment Approach

Our Treatment Approach

Harbor CBT is a boutique mental health clinic that specializes in providing cutting-edge treatments in a community setting. We serve both the South Bay, (Torrance, San Pedro, Rolling Hills Estates and Palos Verdes Peninsula)  and North Orange County (Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach) areas. Our therapists are all licensed and have held leadership and teaching positions at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, the National Center for PTSD Executive Division, the Long Beach (now Tibor Rubin) VA Medical Center, the Southern California Institute for Research and Education, and the Cohen Military Family Clinic at USC. Our goal is to provide gold-standard therapy that changes lives and impacts our local community.


Our Treatment Approach

Our Treatment Approach

Our Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach is caring, understanding, and collaborative. We work to bring the most recent advances in cognitive and behavioral therapies to our clients in a compassionate and professional way. Our goal is to help you build a life worth living that is in line with your values and goals. We provide a nonjudgmental, confidential space where we can listen to your concerns and customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs. We value science and the art of connecting with another person’s journey.


Our Patient Promise

Our Treatment Approach

Our Patient Promise

We commit to treating the whole person-mind, body, and spirit. We are available to see individuals, couples, families, and teams because we know struggle and growth doesn’t occur in isolation from your community. We promise to highlight your strengths as much as we target your struggles. We will work hard to be sensitive to important issues such as culture, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, spirituality and religion in order to practice in a culturally humble way. We promise to provide therapy that is ethical, backed by scientific research, and tailored to you and/or your loved one's needs.

Services We Offer


Individual psychotherapy 

Adult and Adolescent treatments

Therapy online

Parent coaching

Group skills class, learning DBT 

Group skills class, mindfulness for life

Crisis Intervention, mental health first aid

Couples therapy 

Family therapy 

Perinatal mental health, help for new parents 

Treatment for special needs populations and their caretakers 

Caretaker burnout

Perinatal Support for New Parents



Traumatic Birth


Perinatal anxiety and depression

Postpartum panic and OCD

Baby blues 


Adoption and foster placement adjustment 

Post-adoption blues 

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching 

Sports performance 

Business leadership 

Military leadership 


Treatments That Work


What We Treat


Trauma and loss

Post traumatic stress 



Health anxiety, chronic conditions 



Stage of life changes (retirement, birth of a baby, leaving for college)

Behavioral and relationship issues associated with unique needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, ect)

Social and Emotional skills 


Post-military adjustment 

Chronic pain


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psychotherapy treatment option that is more active, goal directed, and solution focused than traditional supportive 'talk therapy.' CBT is a well researched treatment that can help with a variety of problems by addressing cognitive patterns you may not even know you have. CBT has been shown to be helpful in treating anxiety, depression, anger, substance abuse, OCD, Panic Disorder, and social phobias. Many clinicians claim to practice CBT, yet do so in a way that can feel overly rational, invalidating, change-focused, and/or avoidant of one’s real emotional experience. At Harbor CBT we utilize cognitive interventions without losing focus on the important role of emotions, past trauma and loss, cultural context, and spiritual beliefs (if applicable). In other words, we strive to practice individualized, person-centered care rather than a cookbook approach to CBT treatment. 

Learn more about CBT here.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Each Habor CBT clinician has been intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). We work together as a team to help integrate DBT skills and principles into providing treatments that work, targeting issues such as self-harm, intense displays of emotion, anger issues, chaotic relationships, and moods that go up and down without warning. We provide both DBT-informed individual therapy and a DBT skills group to help individuals learn new tools to cope with intense emotions and interpersonal problems. We believe the core mindfulness skills taught in our DBT skills group are an important part of recovery for many people. 

Harbor CBT does not have a full-service DBT program. We do offer a high level of expertise on the issues of self-harm, Borderline Personality Disorder, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, and the chaos associated with having pervasive emotion regulation problems. We do provide expert diagnostic assessment if you think you may benefit from DBT but you’re unsure about where to start. We can meet with you and help you or your loved one determine if they need a full-service DBT program at another agency or if DBT-informed treatment at Harbor CBT is a better fit for your needs.

Learn more about DBT here.


More Options for You

Along with CBT and DBT-informed treatments, we offer several other therapies that have been shown in scientific research to help with issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, chronic pain, worry, anger, and substance abuse.

CBT is Not One-Size-Fits-All


We Provide Person-Centered Care

There are many therapists who advertise as doing CBT. It can be confusing to know the difference between one clinician or program over the next. Many people seek out CBT because they are told it works-and it does! However, there are actually several therapies available that have been proven to be helpful (also called empirically-based practices, or EBPs). Because our clinicians are all certified is several EBPs in addition to CBT, we can develop a unique treatment plan that works for you. Our team can also integrate the following clinical approaches if needed:

A Systems Approach: We take into consideration the role of individual, interpersonal, and environmental factors that impact human behavior. We believe symptoms and problems can only be truly understood when placed in context-the person is not an isolated system but rather a connected piece of many important relationships, cultural influences, and family dynamics playing off of one another.

Integration of Faith/Spirituality (if desired): Third-wave behavioral treatments like ACT and DBT make room for a values orientation and the integration of your morals, beliefs, and spirituality. Our approach is to help you clarify your own values without preaching, judging, or pushing treatment into spiritual topics that aren’t relevant or important to you. 

Diversity and Cultural Humility: We have a deep appreciation for individual and cultural differences and issues of power, privilege, and oppression. Our lens on recovery includes LGBTQ affirming models of health, intersectional feminism, and awareness of systemic oppression and social justice issues that impact mental health. As a team we strive to practice cultural humility, Knowing that we don’t know a lot. Whether it’s gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, or veteran status, we will work hard to deliver CBT in a culturally competent way.

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